Lymphatic Drainage Massage

30 MINUTES £24 • 45 MINUTES £31• 60 MINUTES £41

Lymphatic fluid is part of the immune system, it carries white blood cells to fight infection when necessary and helps to remove bacteria and other foreign materials that threaten the body. This system has no pump and relies upon body movements and breathing, for individuals who get little exercise and eat a limited diet e.g. processed foods, their lymphatic system is placed under a lot of pressure.

This kind of massage increases the flow of lymph fluid which increases the body's ability to remove toxins and infectious materials. Studies show that this massage has medical benefits for individuals who suffer with a range of lymphoedema related problems.

It is also beneficial for those suffering with a common cold or tiredness.


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Treatment times

30 mins - Ideal for concentrating on one body part e.g. back or back of legs

45 mins - Ideal for concentrating on two different body parts e.g. back and back of legs

60 mins - Ideal for treating the whole body