Myofascial Release Massage

30 MINUTES £24 • 45 MINUTES £31• 60 MINUTES £41

Fascia is the band that surrounds all the other tissues in the body including muscles, bones, tendon, ligaments and organs. It is a combination of tense and flexible and allows movement without pain or difficulty.

Such things as emotional and physical trauma, bad posture and stress can all cause fascia scars which not only reduce the effectiveness of fascia but can cause pain and pressure on other structures in the body.

Myofascial release techniques are used to identify problem areas and stretch out the fascia.

This is different to other forms of massage, it is a much slower form of treatment with the therapist applying and maintaining pressure to stretch the fascia to its original state.


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Treatment times

30 mins - Ideal for concentrating on one body part e.g. back or back of legs

45 mins - Ideal for concentrating on two different body parts e.g. back and back of legs

60 mins - Ideal for treating the whole body